1. Skater with hair sticken out all over and a case of the tight trucks.

2. A skateboard trick when you go up tranny fakie and stick your foot going forward out over coping. Like the opposite of a Dog Piss.
Did you see Cat Piss doing that huge cat piss on teh 10' cert wall?
by Big-D A stat April 08, 2008
Top Definition
An exceptonally potent strain of marijuana that gives off an odor similar to that of it's name. Don't however, be fooled by the smell into thinking it's shit, as it will send you to Mars and beyond.
Guy #1: Yo' man what chu sellin' today?
Guy #2: I just picked up an ounce of some fire cat piss!
Guy #1: Oh snap, hit me up with an 8th of that shit!
Guy #2: Fuck no, I'm keepin' this shit for myself.
by Kemp Disaster January 08, 2006
Nonsense, balderdash. Tiresome old pseudo-argument regurgitated ad nauseam.
She was giving me the same old catpiss about how she couldn't get to work on time because she'd never expected the traffic to be so heavy.
by Fearman October 25, 2007
Weak tea. Tea with so much milk in it you can't taste the tea.
Farkin 'ell moosh that tea looks like cat piss. . .cunt
by CLAYTRON9000 January 30, 2010
(n.) Disgusting tasting liquid. Quite possibly the main ingredient for budweiser, since it certainly ain't alcohol, water or even fruit flavourings.
Bud sux k thanks bi
by Gumba Gumba May 28, 2004
Miller Lite.
Can also be abbreviated CP.
Go to the party store and grab me a sixer of Cat Piss!
Hey, Lou, pass me a cold CP!
by MattOllie April 05, 2007
the discusting bottom of a beer bottle
here daniel drink this gross cat piss
by george November 11, 2003
Also can be used to cover up ones intense body odor.
Geez, that dude who always smells like rotten ass smells even worse today!!! I think he's wearing his cat piss jersey today.
by cheers July 18, 2004
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