A club in Glasgow.

Colloquially reffered to as "The Catty"

It has two floors:
Top floor- Punk, Rock, Pop, Emo, Secene, Hardcore
Bottom Floor- Metal, Rap, Hevy Metal, Death Metal

Sheli- OMGZ did you hear Kat pulled at the Catty on Saturday!
Mhairi- Eww- magine pulling someone at the Cathouse. They're all a bit greasy
Sheli- Yeah I know. Now she has ampatigo
Mhairi- Ew! Facial herpes!
by Portia x January 15, 2009
Top Definition
Slang for whore house or brothel.

It's also an outdoor shelter for a feline.
"I dumped my man when I found him hanging out at a cat house!"
by Jana November 16, 2004
A brothel.

Pussy (vag)= cat
The old lady took her pet to the cathouse before she left to go to france for a week, and almost had a heart attack when she realised what was going on there was not petcare.
by Kung-fu Jesus July 28, 2004
Whore house
Also a club in Glasgow which sold out.
The cathouse used to be good now it's pish.
by Anonymous March 13, 2003
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