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a person who is currently feeling the effects of fewer than two recreational drugs.
Person A: I'm so fucking drunk right now dude.
Person B: Just drunk?
Person A: Yeah I'm totally hammered mannn.
Person B: Whatever dick.
by Buttflap Johnson December 13, 2009
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another way to say instead of "fuck", "shit" or "bullshit"
This motha fuckas talking some catdick shit...
by jtan13 January 10, 2011
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An unusually small penis, like a cat's size. Also it is an unusually pink and pointy penis.
That dude couldn't any pussy because he has a little cat dick.
by C-Dubb September 07, 2006
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A condition of the genitals wherein the wang swells up to ginormous proportions and becomes bright red. This condition is very painful and is usually brought on by extensive wanking. Named for the act of mating in domestic felines.
Boro has catdick.
by acvw March 17, 2004
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