a shopping mall.
Hey, Seth! Billy Ray wants to go to the Cat Rodeo again. Shall we lamp the cunt?
by Colonel Hannibal Smith June 18, 2003
Top Definition
A farcical assemblage of bureaucrats who cannot accomplish anything because they fail to connect and communicate with one another effectively. If you can imagine a traditional rodeo with cats instead of bulls and horses and with miniature riders of whatever sort suits your fancy, what would happen? Cats would be in various areas of the arena preening themselves, fighting or playing with each other, or getting distracted by shiny and moving objects; and since no riders would succeed in mounting the cats, the contest would never start or end.

Use this word to describe corporate meetings and initiatives that go nowhere.
That three-hour synergy meeting was a real cat rodeo.
by Catmom January 10, 2015
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