1. Skater with hair sticken out all over and a case of the tight trucks.

2. A skateboard trick when you go up tranny fakie and stick your foot going forward out over coping. Like the opposite of a Dog Piss.
Did you see Cat Piss doing that huge cat piss on teh 10' cert wall?
by Big-D A stat April 08, 2008
Dirty regs laced with special K (ketamine)to pass off the shitty bud for insane bud
Dealer: yo nigga wut u need, i got cat piss.
Consumer: nah nigga i dont fuck wit that shit, dem buds aint natural dawg
by R GriZZLe December 31, 2007
bammer(crappy) weed in california that is laced with heroine just so people can sell it. for all the great weed in california, they still had to sell the shitty weed they grew, so they laced it with heroine and kept their mouth shut.

cat piss is usually found in the contra costa county of california.
ay stay away from that guy, hes slangin cat piss, that sorry ass.
by wutitdewdodew February 28, 2006

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