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An event occuring when you bring all the cats into the bedroom and place them on the bed. This can be performed one cat at a time or en masse. Upon completion of said task, the challenge is to say: "Hey, it's a cat party!" before the kitties flee from the room.
Get the 'Pounce', it's a cat party.
by Rachel June 21, 2004
A ringtone which can only be added to your phone if it has blue tooth. Upon others hearing said ringtone they will immediately ask the possessor to put it on their phone, which as mentioned above can only be done if blue tooth is present.
wanter:IS THAT 'CAT PARTY'????
haver:yeah (nonchalant)..
wanter:OMG can you like put that on my phone?
haver:no, you are not capable of blue tooth
#cat #party #frisky #dingo #ringtone
by big sloppy man May 19, 2011
....... lesbian sleepover..... kitty party
"dude its a cat party and they wont let me go" "It's cause you're a guy"
#lesbian #party #kitty #sleepover #cat
by PhoenixSkylar March 10, 2006
When atleast three felines in a household are in the same area at the same time.
OMG! Tex, dios mios and Nani were all chillen on the island, it was a fucking wicked cat party.
#cat #kitten #kitty palooza #cute #amazing
by iiTSdahlynYO August 10, 2010
Its the "sausage fest" for girls. No guys, just girls. Cat stands for the clitoris
Look at the big group of girls! What a cat party
#clitoris #sausage fest #cats #girls #guys
by GG_MaFia July 25, 2015
the party of choice for brendan lesinski. string shall be hung from beneath pre-lofted beds and lazer pointers and cat-nip will be plentiful. And Yah, the Gods will smile down upon the cats as they frolic around 757 N. Hubbard Hall in a crazed ruckus.
Im bored lets CAT PARTY
#cats #parties #brendan lesinski #weed #string
by CATMAN757 June 15, 2010
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