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Awesome fecking band from oz... mixture of everything, ska, swing, funk, soul... Nothing to do with EMO and even the thought of an emo kid enjoying music on such a level other than that of "look at me, dont i look good when i put on this 'i think i should cut myself face'" makes me want to burn all emo loving ppls on one big pyre...

The empire though, are in the business for the music, pulling out awesome songs with lyrics that hit home and music that makes you want to move your feet, jump about, smoke up, chill out... i recommend them for anyone intrested in music not appreciated by the main stream...
Two Shoes:
And my ears are wearing head phones
that do play my favourite songs
not music i’m told to like
but the songs that make me dance along

The Chariot:
Our weapons were our instruments
Made from timber and steel
We never yielded to conformity
But stood like kings

One Four Five:
Listen doctor I have pain
that grows inside myself
shelf me please
I just can’t ease the pain
I need some drugs to help
ah pollution fills my lungs
and convolution fills my mind
ah my legs do ache
I contemplate
that living’s less than fine
my spine does tingle
when I think of being
freed from this curse
but what is worse I feel
life is a bubble
blown until it’s burst
oh doctor I am desperate
to get rid of this feeling
oh doctor I am desperate
for some good soul healing
In a chariot that's riding on a record wheel

Emo: My girlfirends dumped me for the 26th time this week... Shes ripped my heart out and left it in little pieces, which shes thrown to the wind... Arn't i so poetic in a deathly way?

BOB: You need some one four five my friend...

Emo kid: What the f**k is that?

BOB: some advice from the cat empire to get your arse up off the floor and that letter opener out of your hand...

Emo Kid: Who the f**k are they? did you not hear me!?! im gonna take my life! this world is so hard when you look as bad as me... even though there's millions of us, we're all still origional, and ppl just cant deal with that you know? so im just gonna have to end my life in a pool of my own blood!

BOB: Cool, let me help you get that letter opener inside your head...
by guinness87 December 11, 2006
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