A term used to describe old television producers, who are presumably inept or out of touch with younger viewers, when they make inexplicable program decisions.
Producer: We're calling the new car segment "rides, whips and hoons."
Kevin: What the hell is a hoon?
Producer: You know, it's what you youngsters call...hmmm...
Kevin: I swear it's like a "cat driving a bus."
Producer: Just shut up and read your lines you little punk unless you wanna go back to bagging groceries.
Kevin: Sorry sir, can I get you some more coffee.
#aots #kevin pereira #old producers #inexplicable decisions #poor programming #bad television
by AOTS Fan September 28, 2010
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Top Definition
A term that was born on AOTS- mostly Kevin, because Kevin is a genius. Also it basically means turning frantically from side to side. . . As if scratching like a cat would when said cat sees a plastic mouse, or a real one. It also helps if you meow.
Kevin stop yelling at the intern, you're like a cat driving a bus.
#aots #driving #kevin pierra #cat #bus
by xDJ RaV GirL September 24, 2010
A frantic or silly act
That guy needs to relax, he looks like a cat driving a bus
#cat #driving #bus #frantic #silly
by River Bandit September 21, 2010
used to describe sudden and radical decisions.
-He changed the meeting time from 5:00 to 12:00 and now to 7:00
D@mn!! It's like a Cat driving a bus!
#aots! #awesome things #sudden #radical #change
by wiiS360 September 21, 2010
A fuzzy cat that drives a bus..
Dude I totally saw a "Cat Driving a bus."

#cat #driving #bus #school #busing
by Zossimus September 21, 2010
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