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A cat (felis felus) weighing more than twenty (20) pounds which bitches about not eating enough and then throws up on your $500 rug.
Fluffy is a damned cat bitch.
#cat #bitch #fat #obese #lard-based
by CatH8r July 19, 2006
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Girls that replace guys in their emotional lives with cats.
I tried to pickup that chick last night, but she kept yapping about her cat. I bailed, what a catbitch!
#psycho #bitch #cats #emotional #trouble
by sardaukar_siet January 09, 2008
The Most irritating person in any given situation.
Stephanie would not shut up the whole night about her boyfriend, irritating all. she was totally the Catbitch.
#stephanie #cat #bitch #fuck #annoying
by Jpudd January 04, 2009
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