Something the 75% of women who lie about orgasm do with inexperienced, or otherwise lazy men, and have no intention of telling the stupid putzs. It is a "EGO boost" for the men, you know so the species doesn't die out.
"She had casual sex with him, because he could not dress it up enough to make it GOOD."
by shirre February 09, 2005
Sex with NO strings attached. (: You know the good kind of sex...
"so, i called sally over man, Im gunna get some puss."
"oh, you to are dating?"
"Hell no nigga. we are just fucking..."
"isnt that...slutty?"
"HA! no. Its just casual sex."
"Dude, I need a 'causal friend' like that"
"I know, its the greatest, we fuck, she leaves, and i dont have to deal with.. 'HOW DARE YOU LOOK AT ANOTHER WOMAN!'"
by Leximuthafuckinlexington November 17, 2007
sex between two nasty ass freaks who don't kno each others names but kno the karma sutra cover 2 cover.
this boy that was hung like a humpback whale was all up in me last nite, n our casual sex became full out formal, freaky sex... i was luvin it!
by ari February 09, 2005
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