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A genetic life form that enjoys watching the televised show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. This life form simply watches the program but does not engage in any further "brony"-related activity and therefore is referred to as a casual.
Jonathan enjoys drawing pictures of Rainbow Dash. He is a brony.
William does not, but he does like to watch the show in which Rainbow Dash originated. He is a casual brony.
by Casual Brony August 01, 2012
1. Someone who likes brony community and pastime with them, yet who never watched My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, therefore cannot be true brony. Generally likes vicinity other bronies, but also has a rational and "get real" theory conducing with anti-brony prejudices, but stays neutral to both sides.

2. Kinda like "closet fag" just for bronies; someone who is a brony, but won't admit it.
Brony: You are a brony.
Casual brony: I'm not.
Brony: It's written all over your profile: Avatars, groups, friends, etc.
Casual brony: Yeah, but i never watched the show, i just like the friendly atmosphere within the community.
Anti-brony: For you to say such hypocritical statement are beyond me.
Casual brony: You do realize that by hating on bronies and making your "imaginary" war - you making it hot topic again, therefore inconsistent yourself.
Anti-brony: Die brony piece of shit!
by z.x.t. May 15, 2012
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