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males who were castrated before puberty so that they could be trained to play feminine roles in plays and operas in the 18th century. The tonal quality of the castrati was so pure that the castrated youths were in great demand as performers. Many famous composers of the era wrote operatic parts especially for the voices of the castrati.
Seth sings like he's a castrati.
by Dave Hoff May 03, 2005
1) A feminized male who is self loathing to the delight of the Feminazis.

2) A metrosexual or a girlie man.

3) No balls.
Matt Lauer is a self loathing male and always appeases the feminine crowd. Therefore, he is a castrati.
by Pepper April 20, 2006
The plural of castrato.

Not to be confused with bishi, though they look exactly the same.
Am I the only one who thinks that all thin, long-limbed, and androgenous anime boys look like castrati?
by skyblack December 21, 2004
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