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a prep school for girls in nor. cal, where all the girls are usually very confident and cool, and really focus on their work, but can also have fun. They have a reputation for having awesome dances and they always wear these mini light blue flowy skirts which many guys say are really hot when they are rolled up high.
Theo: Wow, that castilleja girl is hottt
Jake: are you going to their dance next week?
Theo: Wouldn't miss it for the world!!
by i.have.the.answers July 30, 2009
Castilleja is a prep school for girls who, for the most part, are really smart. Most of them are hot and they like to hit on guys alot. They wear blue skirts for their uniform and REALLY like guys. Very few of them are actually gay despite rumors. All students have gone to college after school, excepting Josie Maran who is a supermodel.
"Dude that Castilleja chick is really hot!"
by hotboyz123 May 02, 2009
A really preppy school for girls who may have lesbian tendencies, but are actually not gay. Most of the girls are extremely smart getting into America's top colleges. Most of the students have some of the richest parents in the US.
That blue uniform skirt looks cute on the Castilleja girl who is actually wearing a UV.
by hotboy123 December 17, 2007
A really preppy school for girls who may have lesbian tendencies, but are actually not gay. All of the students there go to college, except for Josie Maran, who is a supermodel. The uniform consists of a short blue skirt and blue or white polo. Castilleja girls obsess over most guys they meet, and very few of them are ACTUALLy gay, despite rumors.
Mark: that chick is hot
Jake: yeah, she goes to Castilleja
by jakesasquatch April 04, 2010
A school full of really preppy girls who have no connection to the outside world and ogle over any guy they see.
Jake: Dude, you're late, man
Tom: Yeah, I know, I was bombarded by those fucking Castilleja girls
by paboy92 January 28, 2009