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To have a bad or a uneventful day. This is when no one calls or celebrates your birthday.
"Don't ask me about my casted weekend!" "Max did not call..."
by bobbie_fisher April 25, 2009
5 2
Not a word. The correct word is "cast".
"As a young wizard, I frequently casted my spells onto unsuspecting Muggles."

"It's cast, not casted."
by Jameson R. Cui November 01, 2010
15 1
as in fucked up.. or stuffed..
Soleh!.. im casted brahs..
by Ia'alo April 11, 2010
7 5
When something becomes a cliché, out of fashion or basically no longer cool
Supras have casted
by Lord Oma April 15, 2014
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