She is crazy, beautiful and fun, but can be over powering, dramatic, and a bitch. She usually talks crap about you but will lie just to see you smile. Over all she smells but is a GREAT friend. Even though all the bad things are what you notice, Cassidy is a really good friend! Never loose her!
by LoveBitch90 November 13, 2013
A boy with an extreamely bad temper, but can be very comforting and sweet when he wants to be. very self confident. a little annoying. very hott butt, and very good at sports. he likes funny girls. GREAT IN BED! very horny.
Person 1: wow cassidy was at my house last night...........
Person 2: oh, was he good?
Person 1: OH YEAH!
Often referred to someone who is unbelievably bad at a certain video game, usually Call Of Duty. The funny thing is, this " Cassidy " usually thinks they are gods gift to Call Of Duty, and will brag about how they went 15-0 when we all know that did not happen.
The Cassidy: Yo man, wanna go play some COD?
Friend: Nah, you suck at call of duty.
The Cassidy: WTH no I don't man I just went 15-0!
by Th3Pwnz0r January 03, 2010
tends to be attracted to men by the name of ryan
cassidy: who's that over there
girl: oh that's just ryan
cassidy: he's a hottie
by rydyer March 22, 2009
An Asian stripper is called Cassidy. Cassidy's usually know how to work the pole! They tend to make very good shushi with their toes
Oh she's very much a cassidy!
by Hello Cassidy July 26, 2009
The act of giving the shocker to yourself.
Guy: "Can I watch someone give you the shocker on your webcam."

Hot Chick named Cassidy: "Teehee! I can do it to myself!"

Guy: "What would you call that?"

Hot Chick named Cassidy: "Well the Cassidy! Duh..."
by Lexalot July 17, 2009
Cassidy is a midget ass bitch.
She thinks shes fucking rad and popular but she actually has no friends, everyone just pretends to be her friend so she doesnt go all bitch ass skank ass hoe on their asses.
You don't wanna meet one of these backstabbing friendless cunts, if you do destroy them immediately, like slam their heads in the fucking door frame.
coolkid: Eww look theirs that ugly midget ass skank cassidy
coolkid2: What a friendless fuck
coolkid: True ae, better slam that sluts ugly little head in the fucking door frame.
uglylittlemidgetassslutwhorefuck cassidickhead: *dies*
by FuckOffRanga July 03, 2014
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