like a fruitcake, but food flavored. a fruitcake is a POOP flavored nasty tub of crap.
"hey sevie, give me some of your casserole"
by mike zylstra January 16, 2008
Top Definition
a word that can used in place of "asshole" when a film airs on basic cable, especially when "Pineapple Express" airs on FX.


just a fun, playful alternative to calling somebody an asshole.
Dale: "You are a casserole. That's all you are - you're a casserole."

Saul: "I'm not a casserole! You know what, I, I feel pretty sure that I'm not a casserole. I'm like a totally nice guy!"
by Master Black Francis Bacon September 04, 2012
The signature 'sympathy dish' people bring to your house when your life is crappy and they feel sorry for you
You: Man, I feel like shit. I just got dumped via text message, my car crashed into a tree, I'm pregnant and my dog ran away

Your friend/neighbor: Knock knock! I've brought you a casserole!
by failhouse October 14, 2011
Nasty shit white people eat for dinner.
"Well Jimmy looks like were gonna have Mom's green bean casserole again!"
by Amina June 14, 2006
The excessive amount of jism resulting from having multiple men ejaculate inside a woman.
I was out with these 5 guys last night, and when I woke up this morning there was a casserole oozing from my vagina.
by doey2 June 04, 2011
Another word for penetration.
Oh Frank! Casserole me! Harder please!!
by fishely May 30, 2016
n. a person whos body parts don't fit him/her giving the effect that he or she cut body parts off of another human being and sewed them onto him or herself
(In reference to a guy with short legs) Look at that guys legs...he's a casserole.
by A. Wright November 18, 2006
A reddened, sensitive taint (perineum, esp. of a male) after a clamp or clip has been affixed to it for a period of time.
Whoa, Dave's session with Mistress Pain must have been rough--did you get a look at his casserole?
by Show Me A Chicken August 17, 2010
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