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A Cashtag is the Dollar sign you put before something catchy. It is also put before random words. The Cashtag was made famous by Stephen Elvarez Distelrath an ELA professor at Port Huron Northern. The Cashtag was copied by the hashtag and Señor Disteláth is In the process of suing.
Billy Fealko missed an extra point today in practice. $Choke $Gibbons

by The Real Mr d March 26, 2014
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Any hashtag about cash.
Look at this prick's Instagram photo, he's used so many cashtags:


by Wesaysummer October 09, 2014
Cashtag is the new hashtag. The usage is exactly the same. Why have #money when you can have $money?
Bro 1: Dude, this girl I like just cleaned food off my crotch. $gettingsome

Bro 2: Dawg, I totally saw that up close. You are in fo sho. $cashtag
by MasterOfUnknown March 09, 2014

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