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The a-hole who drives in the E-ZPass or other electronic toll-booth lane but then moves over to the cash lane slowing down the whole flow of traffic.
I was making great time from Delaware to New York until I got stuck behind a bunch of casholes blocking my way in the E-ZPass lane at the George Washington Bridge.
by micksterino December 28, 2009
A wealthy person who is an asshole.
That guy just double parked his Ferrari in a handicap spot, what a cashole!
by notrich1 May 16, 2011
Money possessed person who has his/her mind blinded by richness and acts like a stupid moron thinking that he/she is the king of the Universe - typically means people with ridiculously "bling-bling" appearance (tons of chains,golden teeth etc.), especially black rappers and hiphoppers. (Fusion of two idioms: "cash" and "asshole".)

See also as "cashbrain".
Man, I hate these cashole-rappers!
by gioofnice September 25, 2010
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