a double frag on cod4
by cashew435657689 August 17, 2009
someone with a very small penis that is also curved. it can also be someone who is an overall bad person and has no morals or ethics.
damn that person was very mean to me what a cashew
by the chode destroyer August 17, 2008
a roach that is smoked out of a piece
lets cashew that blunt so we don't lose the res
by metalicmesh February 02, 2010
When Your Dick is not even longer Than a 5 years old kid you have a Cashew.

Very Small.A bit Curvy,no nuts....like a cashew

Mr.1:Hey!Where's Cashew?
Mr.1:You Know that guy,Simon St-Marie,The guy we used to called Cashew in the Shower,After Our Hockey Games!
Mr.2:Fuck Yeah!Even my little bros have a bigger cock than this guy!
by Unknown Bob September 10, 2007
The process of tapping one on the back of the neck during intense fellatio, and causing male intamcy fluids to rush out of the nasal cavity.
Linda used up a whole box of tissues after I gave her that cashew!
by Robert P. James F and KJ May 16, 2004
a catholic jew
That preacher is one twisted up tight ass. He is a cashew.
by two trout May 26, 2015

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