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an awesome person
dude, that guy is such a cash
by buchergros April 07, 2009
21 32
Radical, something really cool. Can be used in the place of cool, or wicked, or awesome.
That shirt is totally cash!
by trix April 28, 2004
42 56
to call a shot in basketball that is going in
" that's cash"
by mike December 15, 2003
45 64
The old adage, Cash is king.
by nick April 29, 2005
14 35
used in a moment of pure ecstasy
Guy 1: So you went out with suzie last night?
Guy 2: Oh yeah we went up to that look out....
Guy 1: Oh dude what happened?
Guy 2: Well we went up there and she was all like what are we doing up here? then she undid my zip and blew me

it was all like that shit was so cash
by ruby-ta-booty has feelings 4 u August 11, 2008
10 33
verb, to finish or to be done with, to use up
I'm gonna cash his head cuz he stole my shit!
by Nose April 09, 2003
38 63
short for Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash is a bad motherfucker.
by Ricky Roma October 25, 2003
69 95