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TV Tome user who registered on August 9, 2004. He was well-known and well-liked among the other TV Tome users who browsed the forums of Adult Swim shows. Unfortunately, he and all of his friends were separated from one another when CNET bought out TV Tome from Webmaster John Nestoriak (April 2005) and replaced it with the less popular TV.com (June-July 2005). While some members moved on to TV.com, most of the group remained separated for various reasons: some never joined TV.com, some had new names, different from their TV Tome counterparts, and some just never managed to find each other online.
As TV Tome user ~*JoJo*~ (aka: ~**NiCoLe**~) once said, "caseclosedfan414 - He likes Family Guy and Futurama ...What better way to become friends ??"

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