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Either a boy or a girls name

Boy- great at ... well everything. Super sexy, super abs. Take advantage! Sometimes Carter's are shy so don't be scared to talk to him!! One of the funniest guys you with every meet.

Girl- damn prettiest girl you will ever meet. She might not be the sexiest on the outside (but trust me, she WILL have a great body) but she is beautiful through and through. Great personality and character. Very determined and smart. Also pretty physically fit. You can usually find Carter's rowing or swimming. Carter's are shy, so make the first move.
Girl1- who is that new kid other there?
Girl2- Oh, that is Carter. He is super nice!
Girl3- Have you seen his abs!!

]Boy1- DAMN!! Who is that?
Boy2- That is Carter nicest girl I know. Very athletic and pretty too.
Boy3- She is almost too perfect.]
by Luna17 May 06, 2013
A medical condition which has side effects of extreme laziness, carelessness, and even poorer job performance than usual.
I woke up this morning and had a really bad case of the Carter's, in fact it was so bad, that I had to take a nap before I left for work.
by LVMD February 05, 2009
Like the hottest guy in the entire world. Like legs so short he has to wear stilts and pants that cover the stilts. The envy of all popular girls in the world. He loves to play video games and chat with frans and always has his shirt off. He has washboard abs and wears Polo Ralph Lauren boxers.
Did you see Madonna on the news last night?
No, I was too busy dreaming about Carter while slowly and indecently touching myself while eating a pastrami on rye.

I saw the sexiest person everrrr,
He was so a Carter.
by memyself andi October 31, 2010
Normally a very cute girl with green eyes. Very attractive and can make all the boys drool. She's very athletic and enjoys running. She has a very inner drive to accomplish anything she wishes. She can't stand the fact of someone else beating her. She's very self conscious though, and won't do anything she doesn't want to. She likes bright popping colors, and has very pretty hair. She wants to be good in life and won't stand for anything below average.
Damn, she's beautiful. Her name must be carter. :)

Who is that extremely talented girl? Ohh, that's Carter!
by Marie Kelly May 07, 2012
to scam someone, to cheat someone out of something, to run out of an establishment without paying
You trying to carter me bro? Looks like they pulled a carter and skipped out without paying the check!
by Bobbybob November 27, 2013
a domination station of a football player, normally wears the number 55, likes electronics, nice cars, fine, clothes, and fine women
guy 1- dude you see Carter at the game he freaking dominated
guy 2- ya i saw him he left with my girl in his porsche
by DCkiszka January 11, 2009
An individual carrying an excess of feces in the large intestine, either due to constipation or the preamble to an explosive sphincter experience.
guys I have to go home, I'm a total carter and I don't want to break these nice peoples crapper
by k.raker May 24, 2011
A large man with a small brain. Directly descended from the cross breading of a seal and a squirrel. Generally classified as having unforgivable features and an over-sized derriere.
Oh yuck, there's Carter.
by chiefa September 18, 2011