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Invented in 08' as a legitimate therapeutic way to blow of steam when your angry, possibly get into late night mischief, or simply as a social drunken event. Basically you drive around at night to find shopping carts scattered across the city and parking lots, pull up quickly with your car (as if you are about to perform a drive by) hop out and punish the shopping cart for being out of its corral in any way you see fit. While delivering the blow, you obnoxiously yell either at the cart or the world to let everyone know that, yes. This just happened. Run back into the car and get away before the mall cops embarrassingly chase after you un-athletically with their flashlights. If your in the clear proceed to ravage shopping centers and terrorize carts until you see fit. BYAHH!
"Look it's out of it's corral.."

"It must be punished."
"What do you wanna do tonight?"
"Let's go cart tipping!"
"Dude nothing can make this night more epic"
"I know what can"
"Cart tipping!"
"Lets all take shots and go cart tipping!"
"What the hell are they doing?"
"Oh they're just cart tipping"
"Mid-day cart tipping just isn't as fun"
by Duh Winning July 21, 2011

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