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A carsophagus is a pothole in the road that is so large that it tends to "eat a car". This is a play (Spoonerism type) on the word "sarcophagus" which literally means "body eater".
He drove into a carsophagus created by the spring freezing and thawing, and the car's front wheel alignment was ruined.
by Gregory V. Richardson July 03, 2004
Vehicles in which young children/babies, pets, or invalids suffocate to death. These deaths often take place during the summer months and are typically the result of neglectful or malicious parenting practices.
During the recent heat wave, Lynndie, who resented the fact that she was not allowed to abort her baby, laid her infant child to rest in a carsophagus while shopping at the Parmatown Mall.
by Marty Farty August 03, 2005
A hearse or other vehicle used for carrying the dead.
I had a friend that would drive the carsophagus at funerals.
by poopface95 August 03, 2005
A car in which someone has died.
'Yeah,' said Ted, 'Ol Joe Bob Billy went out yesterday, and never came back. The fuzz found his carsophagus out by 'Ol Jeb's place.'
by kehteh August 07, 2005
In which occupant is entombed, from remaining in their vechicle for hours/days on end.
She looked good, didn't she, as she went from place to place, talking her cell phone in her carsophagus. Unfortunantely, however, she missed her real ife.
by S D Observer August 03, 2005
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