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So many kinds where can we start...
we like them dumb and we like them smart.I like the ones with the pretty eyes. Well i like all kinds of guys. STOP, what happened? How about the ones we especially like. Which ones? You know the ones with the cars that go. I hear ya. Hit it. It was me and the possy with bunny d. We were cruizn in the jags or the lamberginies. When low in behold there apeard a morrage. He was hookin up a car in his daddys garage.We stoped short did a double take.He was lookin so fine i thought i wasnt awake.He was obviously hooking up face i asume. But then he turned the little button AND THE CAR WENT BOOM! We like them short and we like them tall. We like them one and we like them all.THey're always adding speakers when they find the room. As they know we love the guys with the cars that go BOOM. And see my boufriend really knows where its at. Hes got 50 inch wolfers all along the back.He makes a car man. Im going to my room. But id rather say OWW WITH HIS CAR THAT GOES BOOM!
We like the cars, the cars that go boom. We're tigre and bunny and we like the boom.We like the cars, the cars that go boom. We're tigre and bunny and we like the boom.
by bah August 08, 2003
Much like the cars that bounce, cars that go boom will explode seconds after who begin to bounce.
He bought two cars that go boom.
by carlover November 02, 2003
now if your car aint got it go out and get it, we like the boom and dont you forget it. so turn down the trevel and fluant your bass, so your car could be heard almost anyplace. cause when your in the streets we cant go far without hearing the boom pouring out your cars. So if your speakers weak please turn it off cause we like the cars that sound so tough.
We like the cars the cars that go boom, were tigra and bunny and we like the boom
by likethat September 05, 2003
Pinto XD
De Pinto ees de choice car for de pyros!
by :) dudeman November 02, 2003
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