Big trucks that are all covered in mud is the first sign you know you are in carroll county! Even the coolest, HOTTEST chicks drive trucks! HOTT redneck/country boys in tight wranglers that have skoal rings in the back pocket. old timers driving from town to town on their old beat up, rusted out lawn mowers cuz their liscense was suspended for DWI. we usually never get caught cuz if the cops come it's only to have a few beers with us or to join in the fun! and who needs real liquor or wine when the laundry mat/carry-out/auto repair/grocery store also sells beer! Nothing like going to a high school whose nickname is Cornfield High! Saurday nights there's rodeos and Friday nights we are in the middle of some random field throwing it down to Brooks and Dunn, Toby Keith and Montgomery Gentry by a hugeass bonfire! And when you just want some quiet time, just walk a little farther away with the cute country boy and watch the stars! So next time you see that Jacked-up truck, covered in mud or that has a confederate flag across the back window, You'll know you're in Carroll County!

Carroll COWnty Pride! Born and Raised!
~Cornfield High
~J Bar W Ranch
~Friday Night Football Games
by CountryCutie May 18, 2005
Top Definition
CC may have more cows than people and some might rock out to country music, but it rocks none the less. Since there is nothing to do after 10:00pm besides go to Denny's, CC kids are the most creative of all because they have to come up with fun things to do such as cow-tipping, scavenger hunts, and a slew of illegal things. Parking lots and fast food restaurants seem to have som mystical power of being a cool place to hang out and the parties kick ass. There's nothing NOT to like about CC.
Carroll County breeds the best people in Maryland.
by Carroll County Gansta March 28, 2005
The county that is beyond doubt an ornament to the state of Maryland. From cow tipping, deer hunting, paintball, and farming, to chasing stocky German females,you can do whatever you want here, oftentimes in the company of insolent redneck hicks. Actually, you should probably pick wrestling, since the only person from Carroll County to ever attend an Ivy League school was accepted for just that reason.Sure,the IQ may not be that high out here,but the epidemic of alcoholism and drugs makes this is a blessing in disguise,since not much is lost when there wasn't too much there to begin with.
Hey,look! That guy drinking beer in his tractor just got pulled over and caught with five lbs. of weed!

Yep, it must be another Carroll County bumblefuck.
by akx07 January 09, 2011
Hickville wheres theres nothing to do and the schools up here suck and all you see is stupid ass animals and farms and theres no life i hate it up here
north carroll high school sucks
by christina March 20, 2005
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