normally beautiful, intelligent and happy. carrigan is an irish name, and is a very rare but lovely name. All the boys are after her and grow up to live wonderful lives with a family and career.
Carrigan? what a beautiful name.
by caz.x November 13, 2010
one of the most amazing most beautiful girls and most intelligent girl you will ever come to met. you will ever meet shes a party animal who loves to have fun and go outside she normally likes to stick to one man. But when this girl is single no guy can look away from her.
guy#1 dude look at that crazy girl guy#2thats not a crazy girl its a carrigan
by 15 <3 mcr April 04, 2011
someone who is a bitch and usually can't speak english. they're usually very greasy and wear the same clothes everyday cause they can't afford new ones. they like to take out all their anger they have built up through their failing years of their lives on other people who are better than them cause it makes them feel better about themselves. no one likes them
ew she reminds me of a carrigan
by M1CK3Y January 21, 2008

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