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The coolest type of bird EVER. They carry messages on their feet because they're so cool. They're basically n00bs that do stuff for you. A great example is Shap. Except for the fact that Shap isn't really really cool.
Anyway, screw cell phones, carrier pigeons is the new thing. Pfft, texting is overrated.
Buy a carrier pigeon.

Example? A carrier pigeon!
by Presidente Paoola December 12, 2007
A Carrier Pigeon is a cheating girlfriend who has two or more boyfriends that she gives oral sex to on a regular basis, even only hours apart, thus kissing each boyfriend with a smattering of jizz in her mouth from another boyfriend.
JP was pleasantly surprised to find Brooke had been playing carrier pigeon when, during a kiss, she spat a creamy load of Ryan's jizz into his mouth.
by Peter Scythe August 21, 2014