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GAL speak for carried away.
If a guy comes on to a girl, and is full of himself, the girl would say something like, "Buzz off carried!"
by Ren Ikuhara April 27, 2007
8 32
to be 'told off' or dissed
After a girl tells off a guy, a bystander might say to the dude, "Oh damn, you got carried!!!"
by Cara BG March 13, 2004
142 24
To be made fun of or to insult
I asked him if my outfit was cute and he carried me by asking me if I had gotten my outfit at the sawp meat
by Riese October 27, 2003
62 28
When a member of a team does outstandingly well and does most of the work leading his team to victory.

Used prevalently in League of Legends.
"Dude you guys wouldn't have won if your ADC didn't get fed. He carried you hard."
by FixingThings January 14, 2013
16 6
When somebody on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is leading your team by a lot and that team wins.
"Get Carried kid!"

"LOL I Carried y'all"
by lol i carried you February 01, 2010
18 12
To express great enthusiasm about a particular subject /event (synonyms: very good, excellent).
Craig: Did you see the match last night?
Chip: Yeah, it was carried!
by One-Piece January 16, 2011
15 12
Used in Newry, Ireland, to refer to someone that is a bit crazy or mentally challanged.
Mick you are carried!
by Andy Mc Parland September 04, 2006
22 32