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a stupid ugly whore who won american idol and didnt deserve to win. she is a discusting bottled blonde skank who is a country singer wanna be she also used to have a job as a stripper what a cunt
Carrie Underwood is a fugly whore
by Stupid cunt June 12, 2005
The 'winner' of season 4 American Idol. She can now be seen warbling on TV 24hours a day as the spokesidiot for Hershey bars in those incessant commercials, which is why I now watch 90% less television.Think Leann Rimes with a third of her talent, drunk, and sleepy, and you get Carrie Underwood.
oh, dear lord, please turn of the television! carrie underwood is making my eyes and ears bleed! ACCCKKKK!!!!
by Nastina August 24, 2005
1) The epitome of a slut.

2) Should have lost American Idol to Bo Bice.

3) An awful singer.
Carrie Underwood can't keep her legs together.
by Raven Nightwing July 10, 2006