The winner of American Idol 4. Apparently, most people underestimated her and thought that Bo Bice would win. HAH!
Go DL all of the songs she sang in American Idol 4.
by tsktsk May 26, 2005
(noun) A legendary country music artist from Checotah, Oklahoma who has so far sold 11 million albums the world for only a span of 4 years with only 2 albums since her victory in the 4th season of American Idol.

She has also won 4 Grammy Awards (country female vocal performance for 3 straight years 2007 - 2009 and a Best New Artist Award in 2007), CMA Female vocalist of the year for 3 straight years (2006-2008) and ACM female vocalist of the year for 2 years straight (2008 - 2009).

Aside from those awards, she already has 8 number 1 singles, 6 of which topped the Billboard Country Singles Chart consecutively while "Inside Your Heaven" her debut single topped the Billboard Hot 100 in 2005.

Carrie Underwood is also a Red Carpet Fashion Icon who gives undiscovered designers a breakthrough in the fashion industry by wearing their clothes in Appearances.

She is also a vegetarian since she was 13 years old in fact, she was named WORLD'S SEXIEST VEGETARIAN by PETA in 2005 and 2007 and Victoria's Secret made her the SEXIEST FEMALE MUSICIAN and is one of PEOPLE'S MOST BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

Shas a dog named Ace Underwood.

She was SALUTATORIAN when she graduated high school and MAGNA CUM LAUDE when she earned her Bachelor of Science in Broadcast Journalism in 2006.

She also was inducted a member of the Grand Ole Opry on May 10, 2008.
Sentence 1: "Have you seen Carrie Underwood's performance of her Grammy winning single "Last Name" last night at the Grammys? She was amazing!"

Sentence 2: Carrie Underwood's new single from her album "Carnival Ride" is now at number 22 in the Billboard Country Charts 2 weeks before its release date.
by Merriam - Webster February 11, 2009
The winner of Fox's American Idol during its 4th season. Bo Bice placed second after her.
I wanted Bo to win American Idol.
by Woobie May 29, 2005
Someone who is Overrated
Dave: Kate can't sing how did she won the contest

Justin: Meh she won it with her pretty face

Dave: Oh she's a Carrie Underwood!
by Dkd333 July 29, 2010
The winner of one of the seasons of American Idol who used to be a good, humble singer but now is an arrogant whore. She recently wore 9 different dresses to one award show, since one is apparently not good enough for her.
Friend of Tony Romo: "Hey, weren't you with that Carrie Underwood chick?"

Tony Romo: "Yeah, but she's a bitch so now I've got Jessica."

You know things are bad when Jessica Simpson is an upgrade.
by Shan-na-no January 09, 2009
Country-poser. No one who really believes in what they sing beats the shit out of someone's car in one song, then tells Jesus to take the wheel in another. Country music is about singing what you know, and she sings what THEY tell her too. She is a product of American Idol (a show that should be cancelled ASAP).
Carrie Underwood isn't seen smashing her ex-boyfriends car in the music video for Before He Cheats because she refused to have the public "see her that way." If she doesn't want people having that image of her, and if that image of her isn't true to herself, then why in the world did she record the song in the first place?
by Julia Hope February 25, 2008
a stupid ugly whore who won american idol and didnt deserve to win. she is a discusting bottled blonde skank who is a country singer wanna be she also used to have a job as a stripper what a cunt
Carrie Underwood is a fugly whore
by Stupid cunt June 12, 2005

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