a freckled fag man-whore who likes to cock and ball it up.
Don't be carpie
by Anonymous March 31, 2003
Top Definition
1. a parasitic acquaintance who brings nothing to the table, often overstaying their welcome and acting unnecessarily possessive and/or jealous.
2. friend who mingles poorly with other circles of your friends, often embarassing you or causing awkward situations
3. supposedly straight same-sex friend who would obviously like to fuck your brains out, causing really uncomfortable, homoerotic moments
Kevin attracts carpies like shit attracts flies.
by antipatches3030 January 08, 2004
a boy someone loves
I love carpie
by Anonymous October 06, 2003
1. Oral sex performed on the female driver of a moving vehicle. Female specific analog to Road Head.

2. Road-head for bitches.
"I got some car-pie from my boyfriend, Woody, on the drive down to Atlanta last week."
by irrelephant April 23, 2010
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