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A lesbo dat likes to lick pussy.
How do yo become a lesbian? Oh thats easy hun, you just have to lick carpet. Lick carpet huh?
by joe April 23, 2003
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An indivdual who performs oral sex on a female with a hariy vagina. Related Terms: Carpet Bombing cunnilingus
by Batman November 09, 2001
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A female who has and enjoys oral sex with another female!
"mmmmm tasty," said the female to the other, "You are a good carpetlicker!"
by Anonymous June 05, 2003
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a lesbien, bulldike, or just regular dike
wow, look at all the carpet lickers walking around at the zoo.
by Someone March 17, 2005
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“Carpet Licker”, an individual that performs anal sex on another individual, commonly referred to as a "RimJob"
'Can I lick your carpet Jake?’ asked Figgles.

"Carpet Licker"
by SamTheWiseOne September 03, 2007
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