anything; miscellaneous; randomness
you stinkin carpetbagger!!!!
by CARPETBAGGER #2 February 17, 2008
Someone who shaves a hoe's pubic hair, puts it inside a ziplock baggy, and sells it on eBay.
man that carpet bagger made over 100k this year. hes got some good pubies
by Steve Hill October 31, 2007
a fucking yank who needs to stay on his own side of the mason dixon line.
You see that carpet bagger done come down from New York?
yeah shot me that feller, gonna hang 'im on me wall over thar
by charlie daniels October 25, 2004
A phrase used to describe a Mexican.
Look at that carpet bagger hopping the border.
by radetsu May 08, 2006
an insult with no real meaning. Can be used for any occasion.
Shut up you fucking carpet bagger
by the_gr81 March 24, 2005
A pimp, a man who gets lots of pussy.
I'm bagged myself some carpet last night. Twice. And then once again in the morning.
by Bo December 04, 2004
A girl who turns out to be worth dating. The opposite of a scalywag, a carpetbagger generally has a good sense of morals, esteem, and beauty that make her worth dating.
He got bagged by that carpetbagger.
Hell yeah . . . take her out dude! She's a definite carpetbagger.
by JordanP January 05, 2006

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