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1-Flying carpet
2-Floor carpet
3-Car pet
1-"omg that guy has a flying carpet!"
2-"omg such a dirty carpet
3-"ooo a car pet"
by Fez October 14, 2004
Hipster slang for lesbian.
Dude! I mistook that carpet for a man!
by shizzle_bot November 11, 2004
a person with an exceesive amount of body hair, mainly in the chest area. this person tends to think they have a nice body and may take there shirt off with no notice, beware of this and be prepared to run and puke.
oh great, here comes the carpet again
yo Carpet button your shirt up, i think i'm gonna puke
Yo Carpet, Shave that shit im gettin a friction-burn just looking at you
by Cassius February 18, 2005
1. A very hairy Vagina that needs shaving.
Man that chick has a nasty carpet. Someone send her a Mach 3 for Christmas.
by BillyGoat November 14, 2002
verb, Puerto Rican slang for knocking someone out
I'm carpet that fool
by Dick Burns March 22, 2005