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to be so wasted, that you can't get up the floor.
Wow, I was carpet last night!!!
by Ivan _fukitman September 27, 2006
Creature, usually of the canine variety, who sits on the back seat of the vehicle travelling in front of you with his head sticking out of the window so that his dribble gets blown onto your windscreen.

Specially cultivated at factories owned by Ford and given away to every 100th buyer.
SPECIAL SALE!! Free carpet with all new models sold today!
by Eric The Read September 09, 2010
A 'code' word used in replace of the word gay.
Variations include 'carpet cleaner' which is refering to a gay person.
"hey do you think that guy over there is carpet?"

"probably, this place is full of carpet

by lolITSTweenies May 06, 2009
A kid with curly hair, prone to thrust indecently but hilariously. Highly Ticklish and sustains an abundance of bass knowledge and skill.
Bassist's do it with rhythm.
Carpet you are unco. =)
by PancreasPoke October 22, 2007
a term used only by pro stoners to describe the marijuana consistency when building a joint to ensure that there is an even application of green, so the good stuff isn't all concentrated in on particular area.
Stoner1:'that joint had a nice even carpet'.

Stoner2:'I know, i'm completely fucked'.

Stoner1:'Me too'

Stoner2:'Shall we roll another?'
by Ramona Sanchez November 08, 2006
1: A furry lump which can be trod on, peed on, or burnt.
2: A girl has a whole helluva lotta bush underneath her panties.
1: ooooh look a carpet *yoink*
2: yo dude last night i was gonna finger megan but then i put my hand down and it was like WOAH carpet!
by pigdog312 July 15, 2006
n. slut, whore, person that puts out
see: shag carpet
That girl is dressed like such a carpet.
by TracyL March 22, 2006