a term used only by pro stoners to describe the marijuana consistency when building a joint to ensure that there is an even application of green, so the good stuff isn't all concentrated in on particular area.
Stoner1:'that joint had a nice even carpet'.

Stoner2:'I know, i'm completely fucked'.

Stoner1:'Me too'

Stoner2:'Shall we roll another?'
by Ramona Sanchez November 08, 2006
Top Definition
the thick, knotted mass of pubic hair just north of the vagina.
"I unbuttoned her pants and tried to run my hand down her panties, but it got caught in her carpet."
by Fatass February 13, 2003
a soft material used to cover floors
I skipped happily along the carpet, and when I tripped I only chipped four teeth.
by nathaniel spritzner August 07, 2005
A lush expanse of hair covering the vulva, meant to be munched upon and not shaven.
"Mmmm, check out that carpet, I wish I was eating some of *that*!"
by KCtah October 25, 2003
a woman's pubic hair
Her carpet was well trimmed.
The name for all of those dirty little footprints left on your car's windshield by wayward cats which are using your vehicle as a place to hang out.
"Hey, I just washed my car yesterday and now its covered with car-pets again! Those stray cats are driving me crazy!!
by Wordielicious November 28, 2010
A small, flat creature which lives on the floor of an automobile, which is used to wipe ones feet on. Needs to be taken for walks and fed. see shatten
"Have you shat on the carpet?" "No, i havent shatten the car pet yet today."
by Uptartion August 27, 2003
Creature, usually of the canine variety, who sits on the back seat of the vehicle travelling in front of you with his head sticking out of the window so that his dribble gets blown onto your windscreen.

Specially cultivated at factories owned by Ford and given away to every 100th buyer.
SPECIAL SALE!! Free carpet with all new models sold today!
by Eric The Read September 09, 2010

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