When a docter doesn't know what's wrong with you so they give you a whole bunch of antibiotics and steriods, hoping they will kill whatever you have.
We don't know what wrong with you so we gonna do a carpet bomb. Here's a handful of colorful pills. It might make you better and make you worse than when you came in. Fingers crossed!
by Dr. No Care December 17, 2009
When a female repeatedly dips her "carpet" on a defeated opponent's face, generally as a sign of disrespect or dominance. Effectively a female version of the "teabag."

As with the "V Bag" this is mostly used in the gaming community by female players who have defeated a disrespectful or arrogant opponant. A way of putting gamer jerks in their place.
After you pwn that arrogant n00b, carpet bomb him a few times before he respawns!
by the lordbaddkitty April 27, 2009
after a man cums in a anus (male ore female) the receiving party squats over a carpet or rug and drops a duce.
guy one: dude i think my girls pissed off
guy two: why?
guy one: after i fucked her in the ass, she dropped a fat carpet bomb and left.
guy two: 0,o fucked up bro
by mikey1877 May 16, 2010
When you and a friend rub a girls face into a carpet and then jizz on her.
"Kyle and I carpet bombed the shit out of her last night."
by tuckchuck January 23, 2010
For one person to light the entire bowl in the first hit of marijuana in a session made up of 2 or more people.
I'm carpet bombing this one bitches!
by sylough April 25, 2009
The at of taking a dump on your sexual partners pubic hair. This act is related to the bunker buster.
Matt carpet bombed Carol in a wild frenzy of sexual activity.
by Glen Newhall February 07, 2007
To fart and walk at the same time, multiple times, in a public environment. Leaving a trail of stink none can tell the origin of.
Man 1- *carpet bombs sidewalk*
Woman- What is that smell?!
Man 2- I have no idea, but it's everywhere!
by Urban-Legend March 05, 2015

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