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Sieze the night. The oposite of carpe diem. Get work done durring the night and sleep all day!
Coders who are lazy during the day and code 'til 5 in the morning! Drink Bawls, stay awake!
by ADXin May 23, 2004
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Seize the night
Carpe Diem - seize the day
Carpe noctem - seize the night
Carpe Omnious - seize it all
by Emo cookie July 17, 2008
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seize the night
me: "I drink bawls and stay up all night on the computer"
Jake: "Bawls rocks"
me: "yup, carpe noctem and drink bawls"
Jake: "damn girl...harcore gamer!"
me: " what....::SCHMAP::"
Jake: "DAMNIT"
me: "HAHA"
by PRIMORDIAL KAOS June 24, 2004
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Latin for 'seize the night.' Similar to work hard, play hard, people who live by this philosophy usually have a demanding job, study and/or other responsibilities, which take up most of their day. At night, however, they become party animals and have the time of their lives.
Dude1: Hey bro, let's ditch class and get high.
Dude2: Nah man, my Econ professor is reviewing the shit that's gonna be on the final.
Dude1: Don't be such a boring nerd, carpe diem! That's how I roll and my life is awesome.
Dude2: Dude I party every fucking night and I always go home with a hottie. You're flunking out and you can't get laid to save your life cause everyone knows you're a loser. Fuck carpe diem, man. Carpe noctem is where it's at.
Dude1: Whatever man, YOLO.
by Kira, god of the new world April 12, 2014
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An organization based in Ashtabula, Ohio, that you shouldn't know about.
Man, it was great on the garage with Carpe Noctem last weekend.
by A Founder February 26, 2005
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Latin for 'Seize the day'.

It is a pun off of Carpe Diem. Which is a Latin expression, meaning 'Seize the day'.
It was also a name of a goth magazine that ran in the 1990s. And also a dutch filmclub.

Guy 1: Hey, shouldn't you be sleeping?

Guy 2: Carpe Noctem, man. I will when I level up my guy.
by xMaGiCx July 17, 2006
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