A troll who jumps into a conversation without understanding the original topic and going completely off topic from the original intent of a statement. The person can also be described as performing the act of carping.

Where a Troll is derived from the act of trolling for fish, a carp is is derived from the Asian Carp jumping into the boat on their own.
I blogged a piece on how people's backgrounds influence their decisions but a carp showed up and went completely off topic.
by TheDevilInside November 03, 2012
Misspelling of "crap". Used to show mild disgust.
"Well, carp. I really fscked that one up."
by AJ August 12, 2003
To place someone's face, mouth open and teeth exposed, up against a chain link fence. Then punching the back of their hea forward and down. An equivelent to a curb stomp.
DAWG! that cat was frontin so I carped the mothafucker!
by Guymankid October 30, 2007
Often used by stupid retards, supposedly meaning crap. EVEN THOUGH IT MEANS FISH!!!
Liz is such a freakin lurd. She uses carp instead of crap, claiming that it means "complain" which makes no sense whatsoever when she randomly says it in math class. She didnt even know that carp was a fish. That retard.
by LizHater May 23, 2004
v. When your mom noses the mailmans semen.
Yesterday your mom carped three times.
(editors note) How much mail do you guys get?
by Steve Winters November 01, 2003
Nickname of Hiro Nakamura, a character in the popular TV show, "HEROES." The name was given to him by Takezo Kensei/Adam Monroe because he said that Hiro's face reminds him of a carp's.
"You look like a fish when you talk. Like a giant Carp." "I believe this is mine, Carp."
by G-ZOD March 10, 2008
acronym for:

Carver: I aim to be CARP. Cool and Radically Popular.
Tony: Good thing you don't want to be Cool Rich and Popular.
Carver: Why?
by MaxManhatten June 11, 2007
1. A fish

2. Misspelling of "crap."

3. In Puzzle Pirates, to play the carpentry puzzle to fix damage to the ship.
1. You caught a crucian carp! Carpe diem!

2. What the fcuk is this carp?

3. Yarr! Two to carp!
by nameless five August 09, 2005

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