A troll who jumps into a conversation without understanding the original topic and going completely off topic from the original intent of a statement. The person can also be described as performing the act of carping.

Where a Troll is derived from the act of trolling for fish, a carp is is derived from the Asian Carp jumping into the boat on their own.
I blogged a piece on how people's backgrounds influence their decisions but a carp showed up and went completely off topic.
by TheDevilInside November 03, 2012
Can be used in place of word crap as an expletive, to be milder on the ears. The word stems from a desire to soften crap, which stems from a desire to soften shit, which was actually an acronym for... Read the definition.
Ah S--(sees teacher)cr--(sees English teacher)carp! Yes, carp!
by Nilegazer Die April 06, 2005
karra's boyfriend
will be fucking karra 29th-30th of march 2003
by Brendan Carrick March 26, 2003
Anagram of the word Crap, can be used secretely without someone getting offended.

Mispelling of the word crap.

Also a type of fish.
Do you like your new school shoes son?
Yes Dad they're carp!
Oh right glad you liked them.

omg u iz gh3y nd u iz carp!!111111 nd i cant type

by Pipey Magraw March 11, 2006
A frivolous complaint.
A fish.
A homemade harp. (crap/harp?
"I can't stand all of his carps!"
"There's a carp in the water"
"That carp made of ropes and boards sounds surprisingly good.
by Carcass July 03, 2005
Derivative of the term "carpet kid". Typically used in academic circles. Sometimes meant to be derogatory.

1. abbr. - carpet kid

2. n. - Someone who is mentally handicapped.

3. n. - Someone who is unintelligent or in, say, a remedial class.

4. n. - Someone who acts very stupid, can't interact on the samel level as their peers, or is "not all there".

5. n. (derogatory) - Someone who does blatantly stupid and annoying things, and who has little personality and few redeeming qualities.

6. n. (derogatory) - Someone who is chronically uncool, even to losers.

7. n. (carps) - A high school social class comprised of students who are typically rebellious but lack the social skills to associate with the "bad kids". The stereotypical carp is loud, hostile, angry, unfashionable, unintelligent, and poserish yet down to earth, somewhat introverted, friendly and keeps to themselves.
2. "Geez, man, don't make fun of him; he's a carp."

3. "Cut her some slack. You know she's always been a carp."

4. "The kid sniffing the windex? Yeah, he's kind of a carp."

5. "Give me the kerosene, Josh! You're being a fucking carp!"

6. "You mean you couldn't even get a seat at the chess club table? Damn, you are such a carp!"

7. "The carps were arguing with the jocks over by the smoking pit today."
by The J-Spot January 15, 2005
carp - noun - A fish
Bob: The carps... are here.
by Magik November 26, 2004
To hold unparalleled power; to not suck. Often times has large, skilled hands.
That guy is carping all over today.
by Chris Carpenter March 02, 2004

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