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Caroline's are literally the sweetest girls ever! Their kind to everyone they see and can always put a smile on peoples faces! Their like the sunshine of the day! Most girls don't like Caroline's only because their jealous- mostly because they get a lot of guys! Caroline's also have a weird side to them...but only the people that she trusts gets to see that side of her. Caroline's are also really smart
by I_have_a_crush February 24, 2014
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A somewhat temperamental sister, who loves to sing Sweet Caroline at karaoke. She is extremely giggly and her laughter can be heard from miles on end.
Caroline! You like Nickleback !! Enough said.
by 23.11.1988 November 08, 2009
77 80
A bitch who needs a lot of attention, seems nice to the world but has a different personality no one knows about. Tends to keeps to her self a is a back stabber.
"Hey you see that girl right there?"
"You mean Caroline?"
"Yeah I heard she's a bitch."
by Real_names_ October 06, 2013
2 11
An awesome girl who's first name starts with C. This is the same letter that sounds like "see".
So I guess I'll be "Carolineing" you later!
by omginger123 October 10, 2010
18 42
A name. It's nothing more. You can be a bitch or ugly and not have the name caroline, just like you can be pretty or smart and not have the name caroline.
"Hey, Caroline."
"Caroline was such a jerk today!"
"Caroline, could you help me with my homework?"
"Hey mom, what time is Aunt Caroline getting here?"
"Caroline and Sam are working together on their Science product."
"People need to stop being such whiney bitches about the name Caroline, and actually tell the person they don't like them instead of being a fucking ninny and just posting on the internet. No one cares about you're fucking problems with the name 'Caroline'. Some people actually want to know the origin of the name."
by Batman32096 March 31, 2010
39 74
A really pretty girl who is cool and likes to skateboard!
Kaila: Yeah did you see that new girl skateboard?
Sonya:Yeah, she's just like a caroline or something!!
by Jordan Mitchell June 06, 2005
173 210
A beautiful woman who tricks you into thinking your friends, and eventually makes you fall for her. She will play along making you think that soon you will date. However when a new man comes along she will surely pick him over you. She will do everything he tells her to, even if that means ignoring you because he doesnt like you. She will make you angry and upset but somehow you will never get over her;
A conniving bitch
Friend: Hey are you dating that girl now?
You: No
Friend: Why not? I thought you guys were talking
You: We were, but shes a real Caroline
by DrSpontaneous January 21, 2012
11 52