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Faggot rich wannabee rednecks raise the front of their trucks and simultaneously lower the back resulting in a large rake. Also they try fit the biggest tires possible. Usually found in NC/SC and across the south.

It renders the truck completely useless for carrying any weight as well as dangerous because of reduced visibility over the hood and the headlights pointing at the sky. It is arguable that it also reduces the braking ability of the front brakes (the front brakes do most of the brake work on a vehicle) do to a shift in weight toward the rear.
Normal person 1: wow look at that faggot listening to colt ford with that stupid carolina squat on his truck

normal person 2: I bet his mommy bought him that truck...why is he driving so fast?

normal person 1: probably late for his tee time at the country club
by suck my cawk November 24, 2012
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When the front of a Truck/Suv is lifted higher than the rear. No purpose for towing, off-roading , etc. Your girlfriend likes it
That dude with the Carolina Squat just stole my girlfriend
by BWA_RonnieJohnson June 30, 2016
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