A racial slur to describe the Asian people. Excluding Indians of course. It allows you to either talk about or talk to Asian people without them knowing.
Ben: I cant freaking breathe
Kloos: Yeah there is no air in here
Bacon: Its because of all the freakin carols they are smoking up the place. This town has turned into Carol City.
by oot05bacon April 25, 2011
A good ole fashioned middled-aged country bumpkin with golden blond hair that will light up the room, or on fire whichever comes first. Moisturizing hair is not a priority. She is compassionate, loving, and forevever faithful to those "with her". She quickly transforms into the Queen of Hearts to those "against her", so please steer clear or you might lose your head. Carol's are devoted to the church and can easily be found in any religious institution praying for those who trespass against her.
by headlessman72 March 21, 2010
One who milks the system. See "milks the system". A sense of self entitlement. To use your hard earned dollars to pay for her overly bleached blonde hair.

Carol: I run a Nazi camp. You'd think they'd make me enough money to at least get my hair bleached again.

Koolaid Drinker: Well said Carol, well said
by the republic 93311 March 21, 2010
means evil bitch with horns hooves and scales
Watch out! Here comes a Carol!
by The good girl February 03, 2010
A sack of shit "friend", who's a leech and will suck the life out of anything that stands still long enough. Usually has bad teeth and horrid breath. Nickname is often Chip or wood chuck.

Also another word for Leech.
Carol is such a leech
by PipeFream February 08, 2010
A short, Italian preacher girl with a bum knee.
Caroling is not so fun!
by heckler girl February 04, 2010
a sophisticated middle-aged woman with a knack for communicating with woodland creatures
The carol assumed her stance in front of the squirrel and shouted, "Chikoo, chickoo!"
by Balphazar August 04, 2006

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