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Known for Animal cruelty, hide your infant if there is a Carol nearby loving caring mom but also could be crazy loves to go to people's bussiness and use their toilets.
Dead raccoon in street <-- Carol did it
by Sheppard555 February 22, 2014
1. any woman whose laughter should be classed as a WMD; the sound of her laugh is somewhere between Little Richard fucking a dolphin while operating a jackhammer, and a crow getting ready to vomit. Her laugh is often uncorked at the slightest provocation, and it has been known to freeze neck hairs and cause testicles to shrivel. Thankfully, the force can be blunted somewhat by the closing of her office door, which she does often, for hours on end.
"Hey, did you just hear that hyena that got punched in the throat while gargling lemon juice? It still sounds better than Carol's laugh."
by Ranal Apist June 18, 2014
A person (usually a girl) who bottles up her(/his) feelings and emotions. Actually my name is Carol. I'm not beautiful, a great awesome friend or everything else that is defined here. I'm ugly, a fat blob and extremely depressed. Carols usually masquerade as something they're not.
Carols are beautiful, but that means I'm not a true Carol :) sad smile.
by Augusta Freelance August 19, 2013
is usually a Philippine female with a smooth face and soft hair, she is usually more into caring about other than her self, she is short and skinny, likes to hangout with friends and doesn't say anything when people talk bad to her but she will soon blow up and say something.
that carol is so special
by themaster1478 July 19, 2011
a fake girl that faggots make up to try to be cool even though he is a gay cock sucker. Normally carol is a fake girl who goes to Duke Tip camps and makes out with people with abnormaly sized heads.
Ehh Fuck you guys... Carol
by Carolisafuckingpussy May 16, 2011
A racial slur to describe the Asian people. Excluding Indians of course. It allows you to either talk about or talk to Asian people without them knowing.
Ben: I cant freaking breathe
Kloos: Yeah there is no air in here
Bacon: Its because of all the freakin carols they are smoking up the place. This town has turned into Carol City.
by oot05bacon April 25, 2011
A good ole fashioned middled-aged country bumpkin with golden blond hair that will light up the room, or on fire whichever comes first. Moisturizing hair is not a priority. She is compassionate, loving, and forevever faithful to those "with her". She quickly transforms into the Queen of Hearts to those "against her", so please steer clear or you might lose your head. Carol's are devoted to the church and can easily be found in any religious institution praying for those who trespass against her.
by headlessman72 March 21, 2010