Amazingly attractive, big hearted, great girl. She gives the best hugs, best kisses, and has the best smile you've ever seen. She is the best girl to be in love with and will love you no matter what. And she will fight foe what ever she loves
Who is the best girlfriend in the world?

by Bæ12346 January 19, 2015
someone originating from eccleshill, a male who likes slipknot and says (8)CAROL!!!(8) alot. Wears titanium earrings, netto reject, rich boy...apparently. mop for head.mosher obv. sometimes associated with crj.
Passmore: i love carol.
Carol: hello friiiiend...
by triangle-ee January 26, 2009
When you get drunk and eat a pussy out that is so vile, you end up vomiting, in and around the vile orifice. That woman, the possessor of the vile vagina, is a "Carol"
Dude, we were ripping shots, and next thing I know I come to at some random apartment going to town on some Carol... My body reacted appropriately.
by coffeeandcoughsyrup April 11, 2016
Known for Animal cruelty, hide your infant if there is a Carol nearby loving caring mom but also could be crazy loves to go to people's bussiness and use their toilets.
Dead raccoon in street <-- Carol did it
by Sheppard555 February 22, 2014
1. any woman whose laughter should be classed as a WMD; the sound of her laugh is somewhere between Little Richard fucking a dolphin while operating a jackhammer, and a crow getting ready to vomit. Her laugh is often uncorked at the slightest provocation, and it has been known to freeze neck hairs and cause testicles to shrivel. Thankfully, the force can be blunted somewhat by the closing of her office door, which she does often, for hours on end.
"Hey, did you just hear that hyena that got punched in the throat while gargling lemon juice? It still sounds better than Carol's laugh."
by Ranal Apist June 18, 2014
A person (usually a girl) who bottles up her(/his) feelings and emotions. Actually my name is Carol. I'm not beautiful, a great awesome friend or everything else that is defined here. I'm ugly, a fat blob and extremely depressed. Carols usually masquerade as something they're not.
Carols are beautiful, but that means I'm not a true Carol :) sad smile.
by Augusta Freelance August 19, 2013
is usually a Philippine female with a smooth face and soft hair, she is usually more into caring about other than her self, she is short and skinny, likes to hangout with friends and doesn't say anything when people talk bad to her but she will soon blow up and say something.
that carol is so special
by themaster1478 July 19, 2011
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