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1. The best nickname ever awarded to a female.
2. A stellar combination of both a beautiful name and a beautiful sexual organ.
3. Starting in 2013, Carogina will take over Morgan Freeman's position as the role of God in every sub-par movie created in America. All hail Carogina Almighty.
1. Guy: Dude, I was sitting behind Carogina in class today. Her aroma is so pleasant. But I did detect a bit of garlic.

2. Sinner: Forgive me, Carogina, for I have sinned. It has been four days since my last confession. I have worshipped another god, the Koobieboobie.
Carogina: It is alright my child. My sheep often stray to Koobieboobie. However, they soon realize I am the real shepherd.
by Morgan Freeman's Vagina January 12, 2010
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