carnie is an american name for a showman wich is a fair grown owner

by rawnie fool July 29, 2003
the unique ability for a person to MASTER a task to the extent they are deemed a "carnie." these tasks can range from "nintendo duckhunt" to "shoveling." this person completes a task at an above average performance level winning the title of being the "carnie."

"have you seen ali's drawings? she carnied the shit out of them."

"honey, come look at the piper's yard. floyd just symmetrically crosscut his lawn in 23 minutes! what a carnie!"
by mr. acorn February 03, 2008
Hotties at the Fair. When they talk you can smell that pungent breath and they move the wonderfully awefull B.O.
Mr.Ed, your sweet smell reminds me of a carnie.
by etsuko November 09, 2005
Carnie- A word used to describe an abnormally short person also known as circus folk and are usually eaten by large people. Carnies are very cool and are better than you mother fuckers
Rheanne is a carnie
(as Mike would say)
Go back to the circus tent you carnie!
by Carnieclockwatcher June 20, 2005
a language spoken between carnies. that later moved into the enterainment feild. more so the pro-wrestling inner circle. speaking in carnie
no example for those who are not in the inner circle!!!!
by Brian Alexander April 16, 2005
poor people who cheat children on fair games, usually giving poor prizes to those who do win.
dont go near him he's a smelly carnie
by Mcfarts June 06, 2003
fun, crazy people !!!
Betsy and Kelly are such carnies!!
by carnie becky March 22, 2006

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