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Noun. A word that is mispronounced due to a type-o, division of word(s) on paper, or word that is just read incorrectly.

For insance, a person misreads a word, one would say, "You just did a carnecary!".
Example #1: pronouncing "determined" as "deetermind"

Example #2: pronouncing "organism" as "orgasm" because it's incorrectly spelt as "orgism"
by Jessica December 10, 2003
Noun. When one pronounces a word incorrectly due to a typeo, division of word(s) on separate lines, an accidental combination of more than one word, or a basic mispronounciation.
Example #1: Pronouncing "determined" as "deetermind"

Example #2: Pronouncing "car necessary" as "carnessary" because it was printed "carnecary"

Example #3: Reading "applaud" as "apple aud" because "appl" is on one line and "aud" is on the following line
by Jessica December 11, 2003
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