Abbreviation from the surname Carney
loving,caring,helpful,happy,full of joy
by Jenni900 February 04, 2010
Top Definition
Adjective. To have the appearance or demeanor of a carnie (carnival worker). A person that is not employable in an office setting. Best chance for employment is as a tilt o whirl operator or a stable cleaner at a county fair.
That girl with the pigtails is totally carnes.
by Cooper45 July 14, 2006
some fellow I know
CAaARnes! What? My example is too short?
oh well. too bad
by The Hitokiri Battousai June 19, 2004
Cash, bills, money, loot, etc.
"Hey you wanna go eat at capital grille?"

"No man, that shit is mad carne"
by thatniggaleyley March 19, 2005
meat, my meata, ding a ling, long john, dick, u kno wat u use to smash chicks but if u don't do that then i guess u can say wat ur hand is fond of
ur friends crackin on u bad and u got no come back u just tell em "mi carne"
by Tony "NukLz" January 15, 2004
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