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Cash, bills, money, loot, etc.
"Hey you wanna go eat at capital grille?"

"No man, that shit is mad carne"
by thatniggaleyley March 19, 2005
Adjective. To have the appearance or demeanor of a carnie (carnival worker). A person that is not employable in an office setting. Best chance for employment is as a tilt o whirl operator or a stable cleaner at a county fair.
That girl with the pigtails is totally carnes.
by Cooper45 July 14, 2006
Abbreviation from the surname Carney
loving,caring,helpful,happy,full of joy
by Jenni900 February 04, 2010
some fellow I know
CAaARnes! What? My example is too short?
oh well. too bad
by The Hitokiri Battousai June 19, 2004
meat, my meata, ding a ling, long john, dick, u kno wat u use to smash chicks but if u don't do that then i guess u can say wat ur hand is fond of
ur friends crackin on u bad and u got no come back u just tell em "mi carne"
by Tony "NukLz" January 15, 2004